AudioBook Review – The Game

I am sure I was pointed to this one, probably by Steve Caldwell. I just can’t remember.. lol anyway, it was an enjoyable book.

Review as follows –

The Game: The Game Is Life, Book 1 | [Terry Schott]

“Very interesting”

I can’t quite remember who or what made me pick this up. But I’m glad that I did.

From an audio point of view this was an entertaining listen, there were some really cool ideas that melded in with our own world. The natural world that the species live on, we don’t actually know if they’re human or not, we just presume that they are is called Tygon. Their whole civilisation is built around ‘the game’ and they now live their lives entertained, and enjoying the whole process. Each person can follow a specific avatar and then those avatars make more money depending on followers.

I think the story line just resonates with so many religious aspects that it kinda makes you look around and go… ‘oh, what if I ‘m actually in a game’ haha

But of course, we’re not. They are though and their journey really is full of ups and downs.

The two MC’s Danielle and True inside the game are interesting and their lives really do just seem to entwine without the ‘luck of spending credits’ and we really connect with them and their lives, from the first time they meet at 8 till much later in life.

The interconnecting narrative from the outside world is also really great. The whole complex process of the game is understood some more as the story develops, but there are some good unanswered questions, maybe because it’s a series, that they’re answered in later books. I’m interested to find out the ins and outs of why the game was really considered for development and use, and other than that, what it really does to prepare people for life on the outside?

Nice job and I’ve found someone else to follow. I will have to come back for book 2 and 3 though, I’ve some more to listen to first. but I’ll defo pick them up. 🙂

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