Concerning Cockatoos and Other Pet Parrots.

Excellent blog. birds aren’t pets. They’re just that, a bird. They are instinctual and dangerous. Even the small once, they’re just not domesticated. Yes, I have Bobby. No, he was not a choice. I just hope I can help make him a comfortable life, one he can enjoy, without wanting to be my mate.

Three Birds and a Cloud

Cockatoos are dangerous.

I’m here to try and convince you not to buy one. Or buy any parrot, that is.

I wish everyone could go to an avian rescue and see the inhabitants there. I wish also that everyone could see the Island Parrot Sanctuary and meet parrots who cannot live with people, through no fault of their own. And no, it’s not even (always) the fault of the owners. The problem is that humans try to make a pet out of a beautiful animal that isn’t suited to caged living. We’re fighting against the base nature of a wild animal. Not all of the IPS birds come from devastating circumstances; many have been surrendered by people who couldn’t meet their ultra-demanding needs. The IPS is filled with birds of all sizes, not just large macaws and cockatoos and the like. They have senegals, conures, and a little lutino Indian…

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