New Release – Sentient by Dr. Victor Acquista

Today, I’m excited to welcome – Dr. Victor Acquista 🙂 

Dr. Victor Acquista has become a successful international author and speaker following careers as a primary-care physician and medical executive. He previously helped to co-found The Collaborative for Community Health, a non-profit, is a founding member of River Valley Market, a food co-op, and authored a syndicated Health and Wellness column.

His non-fiction and his workshops focus on personal growth and transformation, especially as pertains to health and wellness. His fiction includes social messaging intended to get the reader engaged in thought provoking themes.

Dr. Acquista has a longstanding interest in consciousness studies, is a student of Integral Theory, and strives to do his part to make our planet a wee bit better. He lives with his wife in New Mexico.

is his debut fiction novel. More info can be found at


————— Release day is today Occtober the 15th.

Sentientan epic tale of humanity’s defeat and resurgence spanning 168,000 years of struggle is a science fiction debut from Dr. Victor Acquista…..


The Mind Warriors of T’rox, intent on being the supreme sentient race in the galaxy, annihilated the home world of Adden, a place where the people had lived telepathically connected in peace and harmony. The species slim chance to survive rests in a distant colony, genetically altered to block telepathy and evade detection by T’rox.

Anyeuros escaped the destruction of Adden, traveling disembodied for 168,000 years before arriving on New Adden, only to learn of the disastrous consequences of the genetic manipulation—violence, poverty, abuse, prejudice.

T’rox is on the verge of collapse, a result of social stagnation and infighting among the clans. Discovery of New Adden, the lost colony, provides a chance to reinvigorate their race with a fresh conquest.

However, discovering their past mission was incomplete, a resulting conflict ensues, but a troubled physicist, his young neighbor, and an artificial intelligence may be the key to defeating them. Heroic misfits and outcasts are woven into three intersecting story lines and will determine humanity’s fate.

Character Quotes

“When we bear triumph or failure alone, we remain alone. Our strength lies in our togetherness. Bonded together, we celebrate our triumphs and we endure our failings. This is the way of our people…this we must not forget.” – Janna, First Colonist, New Adden

“There are limits of acceptability. Weird and eccentric are tolerable but just barely. Once you cross over into crazy, no one wants to have anything to do with you. Sometimes, you don’t even want to deal with yourself.” –Professor Jeremy Strickland, Earth

“When you rise to power on the wings of fear you must depend on fear to remain aloft.”
Ka ‘Stan, Ghal of T’rox, 5th Epoch

Praise for Sentient

“Sentient is a superb debut, a rollicking sci-fi saga that beautifully combines action and philosophy, visionary ideas, and prescient social critique. In creating an alien world with its own cosmology and rituals, Acquista sheds light on our own struggling little planet, and does so with humor and style. This is a work to be savored.” –JJ Amaworo Wilson, author of Damnificados

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If you would like a copy of the book for review or to conduct an interview with Dr. Victor Acquista, please contact Erin Al-Mehairi, Marketing and Publicity at Mirror Matter Press and Hook of a Book Media:

Mirror Matter Press

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    • You’re very welcome 🙂 If you ever get to turn it into an audiobook, please let me know and I’ll review too, I struggle to read ‘real books’ time goes so quick.

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