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“A love that stands the test of time, stretching across every lifetime….”

Rayven, a young Nildörian nobleman encounters the mesmerizing, Armarra, an ancient and powerful elven vampire late one night as he journeys to the home of his beloved fiancée.
Drawn into Armarra’s seductive web, Rayven finds himself surrendering to the ancient beauty and awakens anew as a vampire.

Rayven and Armarra cut a bloody swathe across the realms of Véneanár, leaving death and destruction in their wake. However, Rayven, leaving Armarra after an unforgivable betrayal, eventually returns home to the city of Cil-Gariah after centuries absent and is confronted by the ghosts if his past, not for the first time.

In a land on the brink of rebellion Violette, is forced to hide her magical abilities and true lineage from the narrow minded people of Cil-Gariah.
She works in her father’s tavern, taking care to evade unwanted attentions from the loathsome Gideon Halverston, youngest son to the steward of the south, even as rumors of a string of brutal murders whisper through the city.

Violette has accepted her fate long ago, until one night she is rescued from a vicious attack, by an enigmatic stranger, and her life is forever changed.

She wears the face of Rayven’s lost love and he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her, even as his past and Violette’s present collide, threatening to destroy them both.

This is the story of a love that stands the test of time, stretching across every lifetime, spanning the ages, but always ending in tragedy. Can Rayven defeat the curse that has been unwittingly set upon them and have the courage and tenacity to ultimately save his soul mate?

Murder, suspense, reincarnation, magic, love, and lust come together to make Midnight Redemption a serial you do not want to miss…

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