TSK’s AudioBook Launch Party


We’re so close to release now…. and we’re having a party come on and join us. We’ve 10 authors lined up for fun, questions and some amazing prizes! come on in, invite your friends!



THE 10 DAY COUNTDOWN BEGINS TODAY. (well started yesterday haha)

The SciFi Movie Quiz

Each day I will be asking a question DO NOT comment with the answer. Write it down somewhere and then sometime in the party you will be asked to send all TEN answers to Dawn Chapman. Don’t worry if you didn’t get all ten, send in what you can.

Now the questions will stay up for five days and then I will delete them from the page. After question ten has gone out. I will delete the other questions. So please write down all your answers and make sure to look out for the questions EVERY day.

Okay, are you ready for question number one?

1) Who Played The Doctor, in the movies

Dr Who & The Daleks (1965)
Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD (1966)?

Remember to keep the answer to yourself and yes, there is an awesome prize to play for.
Good luck.

AudioBook Review – Flaming Skies, Atomic Sea Pt 5


I was so happy to be back listening to this series! As I love it!


“Gimme More! “

It was really nice to be back inside this world. I really enjoyed this because it brought to a head a lot of things.

There were some really defining character moments. From Fredrick, to Sheridon…. The gang have been through so much, getting on an air ship even if it is a pleasure house, and then chasing after the over city. What a horrific world they inherit. Jack still amazes me with the horrific creatures in this. And this other place, and other ‘heart’ like creature that seems to be eating other weird creature, eeghhh had me shivering.

The best part to this of course is the ending. It’s just so action packed, that I struggled to actually listen to it when in work because I have to keep putting it down and wanted to listen all in one go. The fact Sheridon hadn’t poisoned Annie was so touching, I kinda felt so sorry for her, with all the stuff that had happened I actually think she really did love Francis. And now she’s gone. Layanne losing Fredrick was also pretty hard, just after losing his father too.

I think Fredrick made the biggest arc in this part because he didn’t want to help them and then he really did and he really meant it, where we thought he never would that he hated his mother, and what she did. But he can’t have.

For Janx of course killing Oothua and his friend, Muir Blog, hard. Finding Hildebrand, excellent, and of course the reuniting of Francis and Annie. They’re all real deep moments, these characters are so real, so fully dimensional this is one of the biggest, epic series I’ve listened to, I wonder what Jack is going to do next 🙂

The narration from Ray is amazing, these characters are just so alive because of him. Just loved it, and really didn’t want it to end. sigh. Fab job by both. More please is all I can say!