AudioBook Review – Quarter Share

Great Sci Fi – written by Nathan Lowell narrated by the fab Jeffrey Kafer –

The best thing about audio books is that I can listen to so many! I’ve had the fab pleasure of listening to a very different story this last couple of days. πŸ™‚ and I really enjoyed it. It’s a new series and I defo want more –

If you’re like to check it out, here’s the link –Β

Review is as follows – (spoilers) ————–

“Different, but amazing. “

When I like someone, I kinda follow them, so when I saw that Jeffrey Kafer posted about a new sci fi. I was like, Oh, yes please!

I did learn that it wasn’t the usual kinda sci fi I read or have started to listen to, but that didn’t mean I did not enjoy this.

The author Nathan Lowell has really done something different here. This is a very character driven book with people you can soon fall in love with. The main character Ish, has just lost his mum in a tragic accident, and with no parents and no job he’s about to be forced off planet, so he takes the first thing offered to him because he’s no choice.

The kid finds himself on the Lowis, (sp) and embarks on a very different way of looking at things, something no one on the ship has seen before.

Ish soon makes friends with the people in his department, Cookie and Pip. Even though he shows Pip up, he finds time to actually help the other youngster, and they become not only friends but partners in crime too, getting up to all kinds of trading adventures.

Pip, however, isn’t having much fun, after losing everything he had in a trade gone wrong, it’s the captain and Ish that help him here, and they begin to form a co-op with the ships best interests at heart.

The narration from Jeffrey is great, he’s perfect in first person POV and the inner mind of a youngster finding his feet, not only with the fleet, but amongst other people is interesting and very well done. Jeffrey delivers a lot of emotion with hardly any effort and all the characters come alive. I was especially fond of Bev and Dianne. πŸ™‚ even Francis and Cookie. πŸ™‚

I do think that there should have been a little more conflict for Ish on the ship. Although he’s never been off planet before, the people he meets, all seem a little too nice. Maybe that’s because Ish himself is just so nice, he never seems to fire up over much, doesn’t really grieve for his mum, and I think I’d really like that, even if it wasn’t in the first section of the book, but defo towards the end. The closest we get to that is when he remembers packing up on the planet, and moving to his new quarters, (but I’m not sure if that was actually in the second piece, as there was a few chapters in there for free.)

I am really interested in seeing what the gang does now though with their trading empire. I wonder what can go wrong, and what other relationships are going to form. It seemed Ish was starting to become attracted to some of his female friends on a different level, he kinda doesn’t mention that from the planet. about his other friends, or any potential girlfriends.

Thanks for an awesome new series to follow, and I look forward to more! πŸ™‚



7 comments on “AudioBook Review – Quarter Share

  1. You’re in for a treat with this series. I listened to them when they were available as podcasts and Lowell himself narrated them. It’s a fantastic series and I’m looking forward to reading the most recent of the books πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the comment! Squee. I defo can’t wait, they are just so different. Character driven and the narration is fab too. πŸ™‚ I want more, hehe.

      • That’s why I liked them, it wasn’t anything I’d come across before. I think there’s five or six of the Ishmael Wong stories for you to experience πŸ™‚

  2. I do believe you are in for a treat with all six novels in the solar clipper tales, quarter, half, full, double, captain’s and owner’s share. But I also recommend you try the original podcast, narrated by Nathan Lowell himself,. While Jeffrey Kafer does a very good job, Nathan’s voice lends a very particular gravitas to the whole narration, add to that some very good intro and in between chapters musical codas, and you have a much richer experience

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