AudioBook Review – Into the Void

I don’t know what I’m gonna do now, not being able to listen to the next in the Pax Humana series! sigh. But I’ve really enjoyed these 3 audiobooks, so well worth it… Please check them out starting with –

My review is as follows –

“Fab 3rd book”

So I have to admit, I was kinda disappointed in the length of this, but only because there were plot lines not tied in. I am guessing with a huge world like this it’s always going to be the case, where we’re all waiting on the next one. Now I totally know what being a fan is like, haha thanks guys. I’m defo hooked and can’t wait for the next.

Story and some spoilers!

The audio, kicks off after their escape from Admiral Trajan, and lands them out of one fire into another. At least this one goes down well and it seems they backed the right side too. Always a bonus.

Greg does a wonderful job here of playing the Oberon, their accents are just awesome and it greatly enhances the sheer vastness of this series and the scope that Nick Webb has at his writing disposal.

What I really do love about a series like this is seeing the characters change and grow, and there were some fabulous moments in here. Not in any order as that is how I remember them.

The biggest moments for me in here, were – knowing something was going to happen at the opera house. Seeing those bikes, feeling Jake’s gut instinct. And of course it had to be Po this time, can’t leave her out of all the trouble and mess can ya. So my hero gal’s been kidnapped and it’s like all hell breaks loose as heading back to the ship the 51st brigade have taken over the ship! omg… what a nightmare.

Captain Brand is also really in the thick of it against the Vikeron, thank goodness he had Al on the ship to work out how to break down their defences! good on him, what a genius!

Jake, Ben, and Anya do a great job in working together with Captain Brand, and his merry band of fighters. Alongside the internal workings from Lt, Aialla (sp) they manage to get on board and meet up and talk their way into the bridge.

I am so so glad that Senator Galba was found out, and totally can see why Jake needs him alive for the next few books. 🙂

Another moment that got me was at the end. Ben going nuts was always going to happen and I am very glad that at least it wasn’t aimed at Jake totally even if his thoughts had him dead and twisted into pieces.

I did feel so sorry for the 51st brigade on the bridge, what a way to go out… but yeah it was coming.

Ben’s admittance to Jake over the PekoBots, almost had me in tears. What he went through so horrific, I’ve been screaming at him to tell the Doc and Genius Al so that they can re-program the darned things!

All in all, a very excellent job…. just hurry with the next few guys, I’m waiting with abaited breath! 🙂 heheh

I have to know if they can rescue Po and Admiral Pritchard! and how they can fight the good fight and free Earth!

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