Never enough time in the day :(

It is great working on so many good projects. I love it. 

Filming on Best Friends Ep 5 will start soon. Can’t wait!!! 

Please check the Fbook page out 🙂

I recently also asked a very talented artist to join the ‘small crew’ for TSK, and I am excited that it is moving on a whole new level. 🙂 

There is just not enough time in the day though. So much is taken with all the mundane necessities of life. I wish there just was more. lol. 

Had a good day in work, although the weather is wild. All fish are happy, 🙂 cleaned and filled both ponds and they all came begging for food. Roll on summer so I can feed them as much as their greedy eyes are asking for. 

Plus, in summer I get time off and we’re going to some cool koi shows.

I’m tired so this is a short one for now. This next week is going to be extremely busy. Editing session with E.J. tomorrow and a sales meeting in work on Wed, busy then for the rest of the week. eeek no time for anything. 


Will just take this one as it comes. 


Hope you all have a productive one. 


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