20,001 words so far :)


Wow, I have to admit this week has been a toughie. It is very hard to attempt to crank out loads when you’ve not only been up at 5am, but have come home, done your jobs, cooked dinner and then settled down.


The best time for writing for me, is between 4pm and 6pm two hours usually of un interrupted work. Sometimes I have had the odd distraction, like my mum. The joy of living with her (granny annex) is that we can see each other anytime we like. But, it can disrupt the flow.. lol


However, overjoyed hit the 20k mark.


The story is going good. I have struggled with one part though, (yes although sci fi,) yesterday my characters had to deal with the loss of an un-born child. I’ve had friends go through this and can only sympathize because I haven’t been through it myself. So it was hard to write about, and hard to deal with.


I can only hope that I have handled it the way that my characters would want me too. And that in the continuing parts of their story that they can deal with it and learn to carry on and live. Perhaps with the prospect of conceiving again someday.


I do believe with all my heart that even though a story is set in the future, that the situations people/aliens encounter are true to life.  And I hope that perhaps if someone reads it one day, they might learn a little about how and why these things occur and gain some support even through my my imagination.


Anyway, only a quick one, late here and I am exhausted.


Next hit hopefully 30k over the weekend. Well we all have to have goals right. 🙂


Dawn x



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