Feeding fry

June 23rd 6:59pm

So been back down to Holmeswood today to get some more food.

Barry is always full of such good advice. A tip he gave me to see how the fry were doing, was to pop them in a glass and see if their tummy’s were full.

I did this when I got home. Fry in the bowl had brown belly’s but some of the ones in the qt didn’t. So I need to up my feeding in the qt, to keep them growing.

I also think I’ve lost some, quite a few dead ones about today. :( but the others are doing well, still in the hundreds. Natures way of dealing with things I guess. So I put some more in the bowl to see if they do better in there. Fingers crossed.

Also bought some dried blood worm, which Barry said to grind add a bit of water to and then feed them. Putting in a few drops of sansai as well. Still got some brine shrimp eggs, but don’t think they will last much longer.

How is everyone elses, and how much are you feeding?


June 26th 4:22pm

Fry and Blanketweed

Hey everyone, could do with some real advice here. Getting a bit worried about the baby fry and all this blanket weed. It has started to overtake everything. I doubt very much I could turn my filter on with it as it is because it would just clog the pump…. tried to remove some today but some of the fry are stuck in it.

Can I treat it at all? Would the fry die? Or is my only option to try and sieve all the babies out and scrub it clean to start again?

Just think that there isn’t as many in there as there was, and I don’t think the blanket weed over growth is helping them at all. They are growing though which is a bonus, and mum has made my fry net, so I can separate them. Just don’t want the blanket weed clogging that up either or I’ll just have one very stagnant pool of water and most likely dead fry!

Any ideas, please let me know.



June 28th 8:02pm

The net is made, piping in so we can secure it to the sides, smaller than I wanted, but need room to move pipes under etc. Don’t think we’re going to drain the qt just yet. Will see how it goes over the next few days. As for the filter not sure yet, its a massive pump and trickle tower….

Will keep you updated, don’t think there are many losses in the blanket weed looks like it might be fly thingys in there, not fry…

speak soon.


Net and Baby Fail

June 29th 7:50pm

So we tried the net today and fail, I watched several fry swim through it! So defo no good, they are still too small.

They will have to get on with the blanket weed and water changes. till they are a lot older. Bummer. Won’t have as many left I can assure you.


Speak soon.

Dawn BangH BangH BangH BangH

June 30th 5:49pm

so I think we have another plan. There is an outlet pipe over half way down. I am going to see if we can turn this and work it so that I can add a valve and a tap or something so I can then drain the water into a sieve and back into the qt, with no pump. Will be much easier on the babies no chomped by a whirling blade.

:) bonus…


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