We have fry!

Mon June 13th 5:21pm

Hey everyone, we have fry in the qt today, tiny little things aren’t they.

But our Nitrite has gone through the roof. I’ve spent half an hour emptying water through the pump, with a sieve trying my best to save some. But I don’t think I can. Putting in fresh water now, will have to run it all night. I’ve never seen a spike like that before. :( I think they’re all going to die…. devil+

No sign of any fry in the bowl yet, so did a small water change on that as well to be safe.

Fingers crossed hey.

But we have fry…. :) I’m still happy really.


June 16th 6:55pm

well the fry in the qt are still going strong. :D took out one of the ropes from the blue bowl don’t think anything if much has survived in there, but shame there was thousands. i’m going to try and see if anything swimming around tomorrow and sieve them into the qt.

nitrite is coming down, thankfully.

On the other side of things big boy aint doing so good again, he’s head hanging, which is worrying. going to catch him on sat and salt bath him if no improvment.

Sansai’d the pond and water quality is coming back to normal. turned pond heater up as well. fingers crossed hey.


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