do I have a problem.

So after last year, I am a little paranoid I think. It doesn’t help when you’ve had big problems, and lost fish, that when you notice the slightest little thing that is off, you want to fix it.

So over the winter, after getting rid of Flukes. My koi settled to a nice winter period, no problems.

Now I’m a little concerned as the weather is warming up and it seems my pond is a little ummm ‘dead’

I had blanket weed growing in abundance two months ago, in the snow covered world of my pond. Now the bottom is brown, dead, and mucky.

I’m thinking because I’ve spent a couple of days trying to get rid of the slick. And having dredged up a bit of crap, that my beautiful black and white fish, nicknamed ‘pinky’ is ringing true to her name. She was pink last night and decidedly pinker this morning. Stress from crappy water conditions I am sure. Hopefully it will go and it is nothing too deadly to flap over.

But I can’t help but flap. I’ve tried to get my local guy out to come take a look, and he’s so snowed under it doesn’t seem to be happening. Never enough time in the day. I get this.

So this year, I really am going to have to get to learn how to do this stuff myself, and buy some better equipment. Enough said.

Just venting a little really guys.

Will keep you up to date, and I do have some great pics. My sturgeon are massive now. :) I’m so proud.



Happy to know, no bugs. :)

now I can relax and have a little piece of mind at least there’s nothing major. Just have to improve their water quality.

Off to watch them.



Yeah, was a little paranoid about it. And to some yeah wasted money. But they’re my fishies, and I can’t help but love em. Glad there is nothing in there at all. Probably will take a few days for ‘pinky’ to go white again, he really really didn’t like being caught, went even redder almost instantly. Never seen a fish do that before. Just pop and red vessels started showing all over. Barry said it happens with these fish, but just was so weird to see it.

Least I know, least I’m settled… best bit of cash to spend. Now to save for a microscope and learn to do it myself I think. :)

Warm summer, cold beers, sounds awesome…


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