Disapointed 😦


Okay, so had two of my older fish, shubumkins in the QT for almost 2 months, and I’m really disappointed in it’s filter system.

It has an Oase pump through to the trickle tower, matting and then K1 and that liquathaqua, sorry can’t spell it right. But in those two months, none of the solid waste has been picked up from the pond !! I’m disgusted with it, because it just isn’t clean enough. Even with hooering it, and cleaning every week. I’m really after some thoughts as to what else I can do. Should I put in my other pump. I have a 1300 perfect, and make another filter, hopefully one which can filter out the solids? I’m also unsure on how to go about building it and where? How big? The QT is only 750 gallon, and maybe I should swap the oase for the perfect because it’s larger, and have the smaller one on the second filter?

I’m just so unsure. Had to pop the other fish in the big pond today, because I felt so sorry for them, had to empty it totally and put in fresh water, now I need some small fish to put in and get it back to speed, but I don’t want them in a pond which is dangerous.

On the up side. I bought three new additions to the large pond, although really small. I’m scared there going to end up down the bottom drain. I think they’ll be beauties when they get bigger. My other Koi are really growing well. I put it down to this new stuff I’m using. It really is amazing. The black is darker than ever and the red is really showing. All my fish are looking spot on, especially after their rough winter.

Hope everyone else is good.


By kanundra Posted in Koi

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