The Secret King (script)
So I have a few questions really before I undertake a serious re-write for my pilot.A few pointers have been made. That the first hour should be longer, so what I was thinking of doing was just stretching it a little. But I have to think about the rest that is already written. I’ve already taken the 2 hours and made it into 4, so if those four hours become any longer then it’s going to be about 6-8 for the first lot. Which was a bit more than I had intended, considering where Steve and I have already written the rest of the episodes from.

I don’t mind doing this because I love this series, although I am wondering what to aim for.

I get that it should possible be around 100 pages for the pilot.

I’ve read many different TV scripts pilots for series.

There is

V at 61 pages
Taken 102 pages
Being Human 60 pages
Battlestar Gallatica 97 pages
Flash Forward 61

So I am thinking I am right in setting up the pilot first hour at 60 pages although it wouldn’t be any hardship for me to take the 2nd half also at 60 pages, and make it 100. The act break happens to fall at 101, so umm I could have it all set up very differently. I am just thinking that each network is so different, and that at least i I do have it set for the hour show, it would be right for both.

I don’t know just thinking out loud here.

Anyone else have any thoughts. What should I aim for and set it out like?

Thoughts much appreciated.


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