Thanks for the information guys,

The pond heater is supposed to be a 4kw, but it obviously couldn’t cope with temperatures of minus 4 the temperature of the pond stayed at 8 degrees,

My peramaters this morning are amonia nil, and nitrite I would say .5 as has a slight pink tinge but not much. Ph is 8 and steady.

The temperature is 12 degrees. I know there are a lot of sites on the internet, but the varying temperature they all say to heat to varies from 10 degrees to 16 so I choose 12 as a middle ground.

I will be shortly catching my little chag again today, just to have him checked out, like a lot of people say water masks problems and you need to look properly.

I am also concerned about white spot as one of my other chags has a white lump on his tail going to try and catch him too so I can get a picture for you guys.

Has anyone got any really good pics of what white spot looks like. but its not small, it is more like a big zit. or a wart, was wondering carp pox maybe

I am going to have to get another scrape done before I treat for anything else properly, I will also be getting my own microscope ordered from him. Like his hopefully as its well up to par.

Thanks for all your help, and as we all know this year is a learning curve and as long as I keep on top of the problems, i am sure this year will be different.
Anyways I will be back later with some unprofesional pictures,

thanks again.


By kanundra Posted in Koi

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