Ok,  my little Chag is doing much better all his redness has gone, and all the rubs look fine. I bathed him again, and I am sure in a week they will just be rub marks.

The other brown chag, did have a white zit thing although when we caught him it actually came off in the net, looked more like cotton wool than anything else, so I am def thinking carp pox, will get a pic up here as soon as, but dont think it took very well.

I have been out there all morning and not one fish has flicked, or anything so will keep an eye on it, I think my little chag sores were just from the previous few weeks where he was flicking badly, but I think everything is on the up now.

I am off all week so I have time to watch them every day and see if things are improving, or I will get a scrape done as soon as.

Thanks once again.

Speak soon.


By kanundra Posted in Koi

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