Rubs and raised scales. 😦


So this week I haven’t checked on my fish as much as I should have, and low and behold I think I still have a problem with Trichodina….

I have watched my white ghost koi flash a few times agitated, but that wasn’t the worst of it.

Due to bouncing off the bottom drain, I think one of my small chagois has rubbed himself silly.

I caught him today, because one side of his head had gone grey, and he is supposed to be brown. His scales are’nt raised that much but there was signs of some infection where he had rubbed.

So while he was in the big blue bowl, I carefully mixed some antibacteria stuff together for him and let him bathe in a high dose of that for ten minutes, then I applied a green creme, (cant remember the names of them now Im inside where it is warm)

So my next step is to bed and borrow a sump pump so I can bypass my filter and Pp the pond once more. Unfortunatly I am in work now for 4 days, so my poor fish will have to get on with it till friday. I daren’t pp the pond when I am not there to watch them, and I can’t get any time off seeing as I am on holiday from friday for 8 days.

I will add the pic I took of him in a minute when I get used to this site.


By kanundra Posted in Koi

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