Its been a while I know, but this is a blog which is needing to come out.

Its been a tough year, and even more so a tough last few weeks.

I have nearly finished my time at Cheadle royal hospital, and I would like to think I have nearly fully recovered from my eating disorder.

But. in the time I was there my weight has changed by 13 kg.

I am now heavier than I want to be, and it has been really stressing me out. I know I haven’t had much to do, and most of the weight went on when I fell off the horse and broke my ribs. (5kg) but its just really got me down this last week.

I am today starting back out in the world of work. Yet like I have always said before about going back, I am scared that I will go back into old habits. It is far from the factory I used to work at. But it is still somewhere that my eating could once again stop and I could turn backwards.

I have to be really strong over this next week, and I have to get up and continue to eat. All the staff at the hospital say my weight will settle back down, once I am working full time. I suppose it will as 40 hours of standing around, and working, is burning off energy that sitting at home writing isn’t.

Anyways over the last month, my mum has finally moved out, and the house has been getting a little more organised. There is still a lot of work to do. But it is getting there. I never thought it would do, but hey.

Will post up some new pics soon.

I guess I am just scared because its been 11 months since I started this journey and yes it is coming to an end. Things have really changed, and I am a stronger person for it.

For all my friends here who have helped me make it out the tunnel. Thanks, and I will continue to update you and especially let you know how I get on at work today.

Dawn xx

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