Ok so for me these last few weeks have been a little crap.

I have been struggling with some food issues but they have been mostly looking after themselves.

My main upset is finding a job, there are so few out there and so few i really want to do. This whole world is heart breaking, and am finding the more depressed i get the more i want to focuss on not eating again.

My mums cat has also gone missing.

He was here on friday, and everyone locally saw him, but Sat morning, and that was it, he has gone. Cant see him anywhere, and there has been no evidence that he has been hit by a car or anything. My mu is really upset in case he has been hit and has crawled away to somewhere no one can see him.
I just wish he would come home. I think this year has been hard enough on my mum.

Silly little cat though we know he has crossed the road many a time as we have seen him do it. I am praying for him.

:) :):) :)

Love to you all.


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