I am finding it so hard to find a job, and I really want to get back to work, it sounds crazy and am sure everyone would think ‘oh yeah to never have to work again brill’ but let me tell you it sucks.
I am so fed up and bored at home, its annoying me sooo much now.

There are very few jobs around, and very few things i would like to do.

I want to seriously find something.

i sent off my cv for 3 jobs yesterday and amazing enough i got a reply from one, saying the hours had changed and would that be a problem…

No way i need more hours.

So she is interviewing this week, and I am sat here in my interview clothes hoping it will be today… Please let the telephone ring…

I think i have gone completly mad.

Anyways, going to email the bbc to as still havent heard from them that they recieved my script before the deadline, and i would really lie to know.

Hope all is well with everyone else.

Speak soon.

Dawn xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx