I thought I would update everything that has happened, in the last few days as it’s been absolutely crazy.


My birthday… and my Nans

Yes I was very sad and I didn’t really want to celebrate much, but I went out and bought some new boots with my birthday money, and then we went out for something to eat, I ate it all as well. I did feel a bit over full, but wanted to prove to my hubby that I was getting better.

We took a friend to the doctors and went shopping in Iceland, by the time we eventually got back, I was exhausted….

I didn’t sleep that night and neither did Paul. He said he has a big surprise for me on Saturday, I am having my hair, and nails done in my step sisters shop and then going for a meal.

He was agonising over to tell me where, because I was panicking a little. But he didn’t.


Was really cool. I went to see one of my friends in ormskirk for coffee and got a few bits from my Nans, I think there are some people staying in our caravan as Paul asked me to pick up all the bedding from there. And more to the point he cleared our spare room out and made the beds, dead give away.


I woke up late, and forced some breakfast down. Then went off to get my hair and nails done, which was awesome.

Then when 8pm came and we were ready to go out, his friend rang and we made a small detour to our local club to see him. I wasn’t going to get out of the car, but Paul asked me nicely to come in for one drink.

I can’t believe I never twigged, but walking in was amazing. everyone was there, and I was sooooooo happy…

I posted some pics will post some more later.

I really have had an amazing weekend

And I love my husband sooooooo much….

To all my friends, here and everywhere

Thank you….

Dawn xxxx

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