Thinking aloud

My life from the outside looking in.
is nothing it seems, for I can’t win.

This battle continues every day,
and I really can’t seem to find my way.

Its turmoil inside me, from the moment I wake,
I can’t understand this, and I am going to break.

My heart is torn from something I need,
this open wound which always bleeds.

No matter what I think about, and all day I sometimes do.
There is nothing else inside me, all I feel is blue.

The emptiness inside hurts me so much,
I shy away from everyone’s touch.

Whether it is calming words or a thoughtful hug,
it only makes me hurt more, as I don’t deserve any love.

The attention you may give me passes by and I can’t know,
the way you will affect me, I just can’t let go.

Ed you rule my every move, and I always seem to lose,
this inside battle which I did not choose.

Dawn Chapman. Written today 19:43.

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