Friday the 13th, sure felt like it,

to end the absolute craziest week of my life, was one of the worst days of my life.

To start with, on Thursday one of the girls at work pre warned me that they were going for a sandwich from the delicatessen up by where we work. When they go, it’s at ten o’clock. So I forgot to ask Paul for some money, and then my friend Kate said she would help me get one, so I asked for bacon sausage and cheese, its my favourite, and I knew it would be hard to eat it, but if it took me all day I made the decision that I would.

Then one of the other girls made a comment, that I was a greedy bitch for having it, come on people, do you not think before you open your stupid mouths, I have an eating disorder for gods sake, I feel guilty enough for eating anything without comments like this.

So I was not in a good mood, at ten and didn’t attempt to eat it until 12, of which I managed two mouthfuls, and then put it away.

Paul rang me at 12, and told me of his bad day, first the cash machine swallowed our only bank card, so then they cancelled it, and we have no way of getting any cash out of the bank, then as he was picking some of the kids up a woman in a car pulled out and hit the side of the bus. So he had loads of paperwork to fill in, and it didn’t look like we were going to be going away after all.

So ok, I left work feeling a little daunted, but looking forward to going out with my friends, as Monika is leaving for home, and not coming back for a while, so we were going out for a good night,

When Paul finally got home, late as the traffic was bad, he then informed me that he’d had another incident towards penwortham with someone else, this time, he let two of the college students off his bus, and as traffic wasn’t moving, he watched one of the lads walk up the road about fifty yards and then cross the road, straight in front of the pathway of a cyclist, who then went flying.

The cyclist an elderly man then tries to accuse Paul of letting the kids off the bus straight into his pathway.

I know most people are pretty daft, but come on, how is he responsible for someone crossing a road without looking…..

Please, I had really had enough by then, my stomach was hurting from having eaten some more of my sandwich and I just wanted this day to be over but oh no believe me it wasn’t.

So we went out, to a place in town called Lloyds bar, I bought a bottle of wine, which is normal for me, and my friend Kate had the same, over 2 hours, one bottle isn’t so bad, but she didn’t tell me she had had nothing to eat and she started being really sick, so Monika and I walked her home.

Just up the road from her house, she threw up over a wall, and some young lad started coming over, a bottle in hand, ‘ is she all right’ ‘is she pissed’

So I politely asked him to leave us alone, we were taking him home, but he didn’t leave, he carried on taking the piss out of her, saying she was throwing up clots of blood and that the police would be round in a minute and arrest her for drunk and disorderly, so by this time, I was beginning to get really annoyed, this little kid, was just being a prat, so I told him to leave us be again,

‘ what you going to do about it?’
I then walked towards him and shouted for f***s sake get lost’

oh dear I had upset him then hadn’t I, and he started shouting for his friends who were round the corner, this little man, had 5 girlfriends to back him up, then they started on all of, us,

I wasn’t scared, the girl, ring leader, threatened to kick my head in, so I just replied, ‘go on then get it over with, I’ve had a bad day, you might as well finish it off.’

Kate and Monika were quite scared I think, but these girls didn’t want a fight, eventually by acting completely stupid and apologising to this lad, they went away and we got Kate home safely,

I really had just had enough, but this bad day just didn’t end did it, nope.

Paul picked me up from the bus stop and then decided it was time for a heart to heart with me, till 2 in the morning. I am upset because I know realise how hurt he is by all of this that is going on, and I feel even guiltier.

What a day, what a night, I didn’t sleep much, I feel so bad today as well, as nothing seems to be going right.

We haven’t gone away to Devon, as we can’t get any money; I am upset and hurting, and just so tired.

Anyways, that was a bad week over, and now I can relax, I am cleaning up for a bit today, a winter spring clean. Then I am moving on with my script, I got to get it working, they are so nice people in America and they understand I am struggling now.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, and I hope to speak to you all soon….

Love Dawn xxxx