So this weekend hasn’t been too bad, I went out with a friend yesterday to get Monika a leaving prezzie, got her a huge picture frame, so she can make a collage of everyone, and I sorted out a load of pics for her to put in it, they we got her a nice butterfly frae for something more personal like a family picture, and a lovely clock to match.

I also bought a pink hat and some pink socks and a belt, now I am not normally a pink girl but this is for breast cancer awareness, so thought why not, then my friend called me a bitch as she said I suited the hat and she couldn’t wear them, Aww poor thing, I had loads of fun with her though, she is well organised when it comes to her weekly shop, bloody hell I wander round not knowing what to get, and she makes a list, wish I was like that..

Last night I felt quite bad, managed to eat a bit during the day but think I had lost my will to live by the time tea time had come, I spent a few hours trying to help a friend sort out his internet but then ended up knackered as couldn’t sort it. He had a so called expert set it up for talk talk for him and they never even bothered to load on the talk talk home disc, so nothing was set up, now I think I made a mistake somewhere as I then couldn’t access the emails, but with a phone call to talk talk it should be sorted, I am sure I just didn’t put the right password in or something..

Anyways, one of Paul’s old friends Ron docker turned up after his fishing trip last night, and he brought his own tea with him so he hung about for 2 hours, I managed to eat a bit of lasagne and some chips, while he was there but really didn’t want to…

Its a long story with Ron, basically he used to come round every week for his tea and to go out to play snooker with Paul, but we went on holiday a few years back and he ruined it so Paul and him fell out, he hasn’t really been round since then, and to be honest I don’t want him just getting back into the old habits, so hope it wont start again.. Paul knows how I feel though so I know he wouldn’t let him…

So last night was bad, I felt really low, and after watching a film and we went to bed I was awake most of the night, had a couple of bad dreams as well which didn’t help. So have since been in bed most of the day, which I know wont help tonight as will not sleep again, maybe I will have a drink to calm me down, and I don’t mean vodka, think I need a hot milk or something lol….

Anyways, today got some writing done, and hope to do a bit more before I sign off…

Hope everyone else is doing ok, I know I aint been round much but its been a bad few weeks…

Take care all… Love Dawn xx


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