So today has been hectic,

I got up had a shower hoping Marjenka would be able to colour my hair again, as I don’t like it.

Picked Monika up at her house and went to the car boot sale, where I am sure we bought most of it.

Can you believe it took us 3 hours to get round, and when we left it was so close to getting to the church on time with their baskets of food.

I am not catholic, but it was really nice to be part of their polish/catholic tradition.

When we left the church, we went in to town to get a few bits and headed back to her house, it was gone 3, I hadn’t eaten at all by this time and was beginning to feel sick, but she made us a sandwich, which I ate, but then she took some photos, and I really did not look good in them, it was just the way I was sitting I am sure, and apart from that, Monika is only tiny and her friend Anna is even smaller.

I just looked like a giant Whale…

I really need to stop thinking like this, but I am just not happy, I really am not, I don’t know what to do, I am really trying to eat, but I just can’t bring myself to do it, when facing it.

It is making it even harder to shift any weight, as my body is going into conserve mode, and I am sooo sick of it. I am planning just a chilled out night with hubby, I don’t want to do anything now, am exhausted.
Imagine trying to run a car, on the blood for a few months, it doesn’t work does it.

Sooner or later I am going to conk out.

My blood pressure is up the wall, I am beginning to feel light headed especially in the evening.

I want it to go away, really I do, but it’s inside telling me I need it there…

Anyways, I really enjoyed today, and am now off to rest.

Love Dawn

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