What an Easter Sunday we had,

Went to the lakes, for a ride with Southport Cruisers, and it was amazing, part from nearly coming a cropper on a hill the size of a mountain, our bike decided to run out of petrol half way up and so we nearly came off, lucky we didn’t was a hell of a drop. Hurt my ankle a bit again, so it’s sore now.

The day was great sun was shining and the gang were great, a few mishaps but when you get so many people in such a short space, its bound to happen.

I am a little sore today, was supposed to go visit my mum and my friend Kate, but there was no way I could get on a bike today, lol.

Anyways, didn’t get out of bed till 12 30, and then went back at 230, have had something nice to eat, and will be off back to bed shortly.

Hope you all are having a great Easter.

Catch ya soon


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