Wow what a weekend I have had, it’s been amazing.
Friday night I stayed in my mums, and had a few drinks, I actually got hubby to part with some cash so I could get some nice stuff for myself.
Me and mum went into Liverpool and spent most of the day looking round the shops for nice stuff, I got three pairs of jeans and two tops, a jumper a hat and scarf and Paul two pairs of jeans two t shirts and a shirt, and then loads of other bits for xmas, mum bought a few things for us, and I still got home with £20. yey…

Today been to Makro to stock up on Xmas stuff, which was ok, but they had sold out of a lot of things, so that was a wasted journey… I got a few bits though for my birthday which I am glad off.

Been out for a meal with my dad tonight, and now feel merry and happy…

Although I got a phone call off Kate, saying Monika has gone missing so now I am worried, as to where she is. She left her phone and money with a friend of hers, in Southport on sat night, and went to a bar in town; no one has seen her since. Which is unusual for Monika, but she has been really upset lately. I sooo hope she is ok…

Hope everyone here has had a great weekend…

Love Dawn

Im off now to go get warm and sleepy and then have an early night….

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