Well it’s been a terrible few weeks with internet connection problems, and it’s still not sorted totally, so I am really annoyed.

I keep getting disconnected and they say it’s my entire fault now, that there is something wrong with my computer.

Anybody out there who can help me, what are the best programs to have, anti virus and spy ware.

I just don’t know what to do, I don’t want to take it to a shop as I haven’t the cash at the moment, it’s really getting to me…

Anyways, after all the confusion as to where my friend Monika was last weekend she had left the club with another friend and gone back to their house, having no phone with her the next day she rang the only number she could remember, and that was her dad in Poland.

It was Natalie that rang my friend from work Andy and got him involved, but why oh why, oh why, did he go to the police, and all the hospitals rounds here.

I know it’s a big wide world out there and yeah Monika’s only small, but he embarrassed her completely… made matters so much worse, and sat waiting for her to come back to Natalies with his other mate, and Monikas mum…

All Monika could say when she walked in was why you didn’t ring my dad in Poland mum he knew where I was, didn’t you think he would want to know I had gone missing…

Oh dear, now Monika isn’t talking to Andy and mark much and I can’t say I blame her.
Andy is making it out the Monika wanted him as a boyfriend, but she didn’t and I told him this on numerous occasions… now he’s saying but she sent him rude messages… She sent him messages with which he took the wrong way….

The language barrier between people who don’t speak the same language fluently just is so much hard work…

Anyways, I am doing a little better this week.
I am still on my own in work which is really annoying me, but I will be ok…

Food wise, aint going well at all, and I am really struggling to get this sorted out.

Will talk to you soon, here’s praying I have a nice birthday, so it will cheer me up…

Love to you all…


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