I’ve been making Xmas hampers for us all in work today and it was well cool…

They are bursting and I am so made up the girl in work who has organised it all for us has done a great job we getting bout £80 worth of stuff, and all we used to get was a turkey lol…

I had a great birthday party and a lovely time with Sian and the boys, but I ve been ill for a few days now and no it aint alcohol related, it’s just my body saying it don’t like food as usual, and I really hate, it.

Food is the biggest pain in my life; I wish we didn’t have to bother, at all…

One of the lads in work today has been going on about my lovely curvy figure, and at least he made me laugh, he likes my bum, I said I hate it, especially my hips as they are sooooooo big…..

He smiled and replied with I hate skinny women they should all sit down to a good meal…

I don’t know….

Anyways, I hope everyone is going to have a great Xmas, and New Year. I may not be on much as its busy busy busy. But you never know…

Love to all my friends….

Dawn xxxxx

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