Yeah this week has been a real rough one, and not one that I would care to mention too much.

My friend in work has left again leaving me on my own. Now once again I am the only one in our section of the factory and I am expected to cope well with this… Yeah right…

On Tuesday me and one of the lads were sent to our most recent and biggest customer, mostly because of the shit boxes that our bosses thought they would send to them, and because they were so bad, we had to go there to help smooth things out and make it better. YES we had to sort out the bad ones, from 20000 boxes.

I can tell you we managed to get through 6000 and got about 1800 good boxes out of them. After spending most of the day being bored stupid we were then moaned at by two of their employers. We then had our lunch in a canteen and I hated it. I hate being with anyone when I am easting anyways, but being out of place and with people I didn’t know I was really freaked out.
I did eat my dinner though and I had some coffee from a strange machine, so I think I did really well actually.

We were supposed to be picked up again about 3 so we could be home for 5 but didn’t get picked up till nearly 5 and so only got home at 6 I wasn’t impressed at all. And I had to ride in the cab of the wagon, which is illegal, so never again…

The rest of the week has been awful, pretty much the same, as there is no one left to do the work other than the men then they have has to come into my side of the factory and attempt my job, no such luck. A job for 5000 took us nearly 2 days, and would normally only takes about 5 hours, with a team of three.

I despair at the moment, I really do and I don’t want to go in on Monday I feel really sick inside, and I am just heartbroken. It cannot go on like this surely…

Sorry for being so sad, how was everyone else’s week?

Love Dawn

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