Well although this weekend started off with me being left alone again… Hubby goes out to play snooker on Fridays now (Which I prefer) I have had a nice time got a little bit drunk last night, and had a really good sleep…

Sleep means a lot to me at the moment, well most times as I am always tired and can’t do anything without being well rested lol…

Work has been awful as per the norm, and next week well it’s only going to get worse, as there is nothing for us to do at all… and its sooooooo boring…

Kate my friend wanted me to go into town tonight and go to a disco, but disco’s aint my thing, and besides I don’t really want to go with all her polish friends, as when her boyfriend turns up that would mean I would be left alone, and I wouldn’t like that. I wouldn’t mind going if Sian were with me as then at least I have someone who can understand me without struggling… and pissed… lol

Anyways, I am sure tonight will be as nice as last night, just going to settle in and watch some good films, with hubby this time…

Food wise this week has been a nightmare, and I haven’t eaten enough, I know that… I feel so stupid but then again I also know it will end…

When I am in low moods I tend to not want to talk to anyone or not see people. I don’t wish anyone to take offence by this but I know I hide and I don’t mean to…

Hope you are all well… and taking care of yourselves…



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