Well today at least I have something to smile about. My friend Sianis coming round in a bit, to chat, yey…

She just got back from visiting her friend in Poland.

I aint been doing great this week. Food has been non existent. I hate it when I am feeling so bad about it, but then I love it as I know I it makes me feel so amazing too.

Being hungry feels great.

Sounds so stupid I know…

Its contradictory, as my head is so full of such random and shit.

I just hate everything at the moment including me…

I am so angry inside myself, and so hurt, the pain is immense and I don’t know why… I think I am destined to stay like this forever, and never be free from my own hatred…

I know I am feeling bad as I aint had time to do most of the things I love, and that’s write, and of course talk to my friends on here.



By kanundra Posted in netlog

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