I am soooooooooooo sad I been crying today…

What a week I have had… Thursday I went to help my friend pack some of her things as she is moving soon, and I had a good day, but Friday oh no….

It started ok, went into work and saw my polish friend was limping; she fell and twisted her ankle… Then I had to tell them that their jobs were no longer available, so that only leaves me and another friend of mine, Karen, who at the moment only works part time…

We went to the pub at lunch for a good bye drink, and then I had to go to the doctors where I got really annoyed, as my weights going down and the nurse I go to wasn’t happy…

I got a txt off Kate asking me to take her to the hospital, and I did. Her foot is broken… that means it had to be plastered and now she can’t work for 6 weeks. So is going home to Poland, as the woman she works for charges them £40 to stay in the vans, 6 people to 1 caravan which is smaller than mine…

I am so annoyed…

Got to go…


By kanundra Posted in netlog

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