Well how fantastic was last night. Even though there was no bar, lol… My polish girlie friends looked amazing and I decided to wear a dress anyway… he he

although most of them when we got there were only dressed in jeans and tops, how crazy at least I made an effort.
Got loads of pics, and eventually when I get a copy of the film I may get to watch it properly. Paul’s mate John and my friends seemed to enjoy it, and it was one of the better ones out of all 14. At least there was some sort of story behind it and it was really funny everyone laughed…

Anyway, we went into Southport afterwards to Paul’s friends wedding, and as he was a Scotsman they were in their kilts and wow….. Men in skirts they were sooooooo amazing and I was a little typsey lol, kept wanting to lift one up, sorry lads. They did look great though…

Got home at ummm cant remember the time, but went to bed and slept quite well, didn’t have a hangover, and we got up and went into Chorley to do some shopping, got some wine for tonight, cool..

Will catch you soon I hope and keep talking and laughing life does work out sometimes…


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