Just wanted to say hello to you all, am missing you all terribly, and am not doing so good,

Ed is getting a bad hold again and I dont want to eat much at all, am struggling at work again and feeling really bad about myself.


Our car broke down last week and is costing us £880 quid to fix, it just died, and I am so upset, couldnt have come at a worse time,  but it has to happen to us.


My Bday on monday and I am not looking forward to it or this weekend at all for a fact, am supposed to be going out tomorrow after being in college all day and then going out on sunday as well, both times am expected to eat, i cant cope,


I wrote four poems today and they all depict my mood, down and sad, I cant seem to break out of it,


Anyways, my love to you all, miss you loads, and hope to speak to you all sometime soon,

Take care and keep fighting,



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