I’m so excited :)

Hey all – it has been a busy week.

One thing I have found in plotting over the last week is no matter how well you know your story. That sometimes the characters can surprise you.

Book 3 has really had me stumped for some time. The end goal and Kendro’s Death being one of the damned hardest things to get through ever, because I’ve known it and it’s been written in the TV series for many years and something which was hard then.

Leading through Book 1 and 2 Kendro totally stole my heart. I don’t and never want to kill anyone, but when you go through and live and learn with your characters through a few hundred thousand words, getting to that point is bad.

The fact that he tries so hard to avoid all conflict leading to his demise is noble, but the outcome still the same. Just in a very different way. I lose him.

Today, I built up the chapters leading to this. The ultimate battle between worlds. The situation is dire, there is nothing anyone else can do. And it’s been an awesome day!

Nano isn’t for everyone. I totally understand that. The fact that you’ve to hit targets some people can’t deal with, but I find it liberating. The support from other writers around the world is amazing, and with camp you can set your own goals… even better.

So, roll on April the 1st! I’m all set to go! and totally excited for it… how is your WIP treating you? are you taking part in camp nano?

Week 3 of broken Elbow

I can say the pain is a tad bit easier. Although it’s pretty sore first thing in the morning and worst at night. 

Lying awake staring at the ceiling listening to traffic go past isn’t much fun. 

But I am getting more movement in my wrist. Not too sure if there was initial damage there. Something I’ll have to ask the fracture clinic, as I’ve noticed more and more pain in my lower wrist where it struck the floor. Turning my arm upwards is pretty much still impossible. I get this cracking pop and it hurts, so I’m only doing so many in the day. 

For me, personal things are the worst. Still can’t put on underware. I’m in hubby’s T-shirts as they’re easier to get on, and bathing… sheesh not a chance. Can get in the bath, but not out. I’m like a decrepid old woman. And I feel it too. 

I don’t mind showers, but when you’re feeling crappy it’s nice to have a bath. Not at present. 


I’m finding it difficult in the ‘hobby’ side of things too. Not being able to write/edit as much as I’d like has to be a writers worst nightmare. Normally if I can’t write, I do something else creative. But my ‘other’ hobbies are out the window too. 

Normally I can cross stitch for hours, and have been putting some things for a charity I support. 



Here are a couple of pictures of my stitching for them. In the hopes it will help raise funds to keep unwanted/abused birds in the veterinary treatment they need. 




Unfinished but hope it will make a nice pin cushion 🙂 When I can stitch again. 


Just frustrating when you can’t do anything !! 


Uggghhh, here’s my lil Bobby though, he’s been great company while I’ve been home. Getting cheekier by the day though. At present I’m trying to get him used to being touched. Sometimes I get to feel his tail and place my finger on his back, but he’s not keen and flies away. I am starting to be able to get near his beak without him biting. Although this morning proved he still has the upper hand when instead of going for the treat, he bit my finger instead, sometimes cranky when he first wakes up. 




His ‘Black Ring’ is showing really well now. He’s a beautiful boy, and he defo knows it too. 🙂 


This has taken me all morning to put together, so I’d better wrap it up. 

I’ve been plotting for Nanowrimo. Although not too sure I’ll take part this year. I’ve still TSK – The Beginning to finish, without starting the next, lol 


Catch you soon. Hope you have a wonderful week.