Cora – Day 1

I’m going to try and keep a record of what Cora is like. From her arrival –

So starting from her first day. She was pretty nervous. Although not totally as stressed as I first thought she might be. I’m only going off what my Bobby was like for comparison and he was really freaked out. She was eating well, poop a little runny, but she’d had a lot of fruit and veg, and also a hard day. Will monitor it over the next few days.

Due to them both having an exciting day. Both Irn’s went to bed early 7.30pm.

Breakfast and wake up was at 8am this morning, so a good rest. Both tucked right into their chop and veggies. Cora went straight for the apple. A thing that Bobby did also when first here. When I gave her some seed later on this afternoon, the peanut of course was then fav. So removed all other peanuts and tried to tempt her over with one.

Not flying away from me, no moving too much out of the way. She’s a lot tamer than Bobby was, it took me a week to be even able to put my hand near the cage without him freaking out. Cora’s behaviour this afternoon while eating dinner was also a bit odd. She wanted to get out of course and eat what I was having. But it’s too soon for that. Maybe in a few day’s I might start allowing her to see the open door.

2014-12-24 11.58.57

Paul managed to get a couple of slightly better pictures.

2014-12-24 11.58.29

So you can see her a bit better, she’s really cute, and tiny. Her tail is in a bad way, very grotty and one of them is almost 2 inch shorter than the other, I’m assuming it snapped off or she’s barbed it at some point. It will soon moult out though I have no doubt, Bobby was only here a couple of weeks and he started to shed feathers.

So, for the first day, she’s done amazingly well so far. Made one tiny little squark which then got Bobby all excited. lol

I’m really looking forward to her trusting me more. She’s adorable!

A busy week.

This week has been a trying one. But aren’t they all?

It was great being with mum over the weekend, but something wasn’t quite right with my car.

Heading to the gym from work on Monday, I popped it next door so they could have a look. I went to do my workout. All was good. Had a phone call from our ACO about the two safe house parrots, they’re both going to be fostered and I am so happy about that. I will of course miss them like crazy, they’re amazing personalities. But I guess this is what I am here for. 😦 I kinda have to be happy that they’re going to a nice home. 

But then it wasn’t good. My car wasn’t safe to drive. And thus my workout extended with a walk home. 30 mins later and a blister 😦 

I spent the rest of the evening with headphones in, doing the last of my transcript for a director. Loved the film, listening to it, and rewinding it to catch all the dialogue, tough. But worth it. 

Tuesday – no uniform and a sore foot. I was off to a great start. Car cost £75 to fix someone else’s mistake. Sucks.  I had an editing session with EJ who was under the weather so it was kinda cut short. And we re-arranged thurs meeting for Sat, so she has some time to recoup. 

Wed – was my weigh in at the gym. I had really good results. 2 lb off. 1 lb on in muscle. Water is up, bone density is up. Visceral fat and BMI is down, Age is down 1 year, lol I am a happy bunny. 

Friday – up and in work early. Long day. Only left the yard at 4.50pm from 5.45 that day. Almost a 12 hour day without a break. Kinda starting to get to me already. Especially after I used to leave the yard on a friday at just after 3pm. 

Sat, again early start. At the gym for a workout. Bought some birdie food, went home, cleaned all cages and the house. Then settled in for some more editing by myself and EJ. I am really happy that it’s coming along as it is. EJ’s a wonderful teacher and she’s picking up on how much I am really trying. I like this, because it teaches me that I am doing well. That I can do prose writing, although it’s harder. I am enjoying the editing process. Getting into my characters heads more, and feeling and reacting as they do. TSK – is going to be worth it. 🙂 

Sunday – today we’re off to see some friends in Manchester. We’re still up early, but thats a good thing. I’ve got reading and time to make more notes for a chat with a possible collaboration partner.  I’m excited for this year. I feel much better in myself now. And things are going well even with the hiccups of life. 


Love to you all, and please feel free to comment, talk to me. I’m always around somewhere. 🙂 x 




Hey everyone,

Last week is almost over. I’ve done so much and worked really hard with everything. But sadly the holiday must end and back to work it is.

We’ve been busy this morning, making sure all the house is clean, and that the birds and ponds are off to a good start. Everyone is A okay. 🙂 so looking forward to getting back into a solid work and play routine.

For everyone who loves pictures, here’s my fav of Bobby. 🙂


The last four months with breaking my elbow have been so tough. Emotionally and physically, but I am back in there, almost 90% better. I think it might still take a while for my arm to be totally up to what it used to, as my dominate hand, it really just isn’t dominant anymore.

I had my first real training session at Burscough Wellness centre yesterday, met a great trainer called Dave, who ran through all the machines for me, first time ever on a treadmill… EEEK! but the other resistant and weights were good. I can really tell where my arm is lacking, so some exercises I will have to do more than others. I only managed 20 mins of cardio. But for a first attempt I don’t think that was too bad. I will continue with my walking that is 30 mins, but obviously not all on the same days, that would be too much.

Actually had a really good chat about everything with the owner of the club. We had way more in common than I knew, the lady we met on Wed, is her sister, and they used to own the static butty van on the corner by Hopwells, lol. So we kinda knew each other anyway, it was good to chat. 🙂

I do have a very busy week ahead, so everyone who normally gets lots of attention off me, might not this week. I’ve a couple of very important projects, bar my own which require my undivided attention to help get them done and dusted and off the ground. It may be a tough one, it may hurt, (painkillers in my bag already) but I will get through it.

You’ve all been amazing while Iv’e been off, and for those of you who have really been there for me thank you. Everyone else, well they know where they can go take a running jump from. The saying is you when the crapper hits the fan, you know who your friends are, really true. So, this year means not only a new change on many fronts, health wise, contact wise, and person wise. It means a big change on my front too, no longer will I let others walk all over me, I am here to fight…

Now, got two jobs left to do, take a load of pictures. And then onto some editing. I’ve homework to get done for EJ, before I head into the busiest week ever.

Catch you laters. 🙂

Dawn x

Enjoying my last two weeks :)

Well, kinda have to make the most of it don’t I 🙂

Thankfully Eon paid up my latest solar panel cash. Meant I wasn’t begging to get my car back on the road till the end of the month. So insured and will tax it on Friday, wasn’t really wanting too, as we’re part way through it, but hey ho. All is good. 

Been out today, to Wigan to get the birds some more pellets. I really am trying to wean Bobby onto them properly, getting him off the seed and onto it, but he doesn’t like his bowl full of just pellets. Sigh. 

There was a lovely Senegal in there, 1yr old, very friendly. Just wanted me to pick him up and cuddle him. This made me really sad. Owner had to move suddenly and get rid of her cats and the bird. She must have been heartbroken. I know I would be. 

Such a lovely little chap. And such a shame. 

Been really knocking on with editing for TSK, but even though I know I am half way over the hurdle, I still do have a fair bit to go. I’m really happy with it’s progress even if it’s slower than I wanted. Better to get it right than to rush. 

Settling in for a relaxing evening, been to the village for a walk, all animals happy. Have a good one everyone. Catch you soon. 


D x 

Sunday and stuff :)

Been a very down and busy week. Felt rough for most of it. Winter and nano blues. But, also had a few things to keep my mind occupied. 

Chat room on mibbit is still really active. If anyone suffering from nano blues want’s to join in. Send me a message and I’ll show you how. It’s been inspirational there, and the people are fab. From all over. 

We also had a couple of new arrivals last weekend, two Amazon parrots, who needed an urgent safe house. It’s nice to have them here and they’re settling in well. One is very friendly to me, the other isn’t, but like hubby. So it’s a good match. 


Bobby got his first telling off from our old cat. He bit her, so she touched the top of his head with the back of her paw. Not so good. He’s not been near her like that again though, so job done for now. 


Regarding physio and other things. I went on Monday and she knew I wasn’t right from the way I was walking, so we talked. She looked over my elbow etc and seemed to think it was ‘golfers elbow’ similar to Tennis elbow, but with the inside and not outside tendons, etc. 

She told me to rest, take a step back on the exercise told her I’d not been able to do much anyway, and she’ll see me in 3 weeks. Sucks, but I knew something was going on with it. Will be seeing my doc again on monday to go over it all and see what they can suggest. No good if one thing has a knock on effect to others. nice. 

Fish are all cold, settled in well for winter, blanket weed growing, so had to treat yesterday. But will be alright, just need to get them over the worst of the next few months, mild here at the moment. 


Well, hope to get on with book one more so now. Edit, edit 🙂 


Speak soon. x