A busy week.

This week has been a trying one. But aren’t they all?

It was great being with mum over the weekend, but something wasn’t quite right with my car.

Heading to the gym from work on Monday, I popped it next door so they could have a look. I went to do my workout. All was good. Had a phone call from our ACO about the two safe house parrots, they’re both going to be fostered and I am so happy about that. I will of course miss them like crazy, they’re amazing personalities. But I guess this is what I am here for. 😦 I kinda have to be happy that they’re going to a nice home. 

But then it wasn’t good. My car wasn’t safe to drive. And thus my workout extended with a walk home. 30 mins later and a blister 😦 

I spent the rest of the evening with headphones in, doing the last of my transcript for a director. Loved the film, listening to it, and rewinding it to catch all the dialogue, tough. But worth it. 

Tuesday – no uniform and a sore foot. I was off to a great start. Car cost £75 to fix someone else’s mistake. Sucks.  I had an editing session with EJ who was under the weather so it was kinda cut short. And we re-arranged thurs meeting for Sat, so she has some time to recoup. 

Wed – was my weigh in at the gym. I had really good results. 2 lb off. 1 lb on in muscle. Water is up, bone density is up. Visceral fat and BMI is down, Age is down 1 year, lol I am a happy bunny. 

Friday – up and in work early. Long day. Only left the yard at 4.50pm from 5.45 that day. Almost a 12 hour day without a break. Kinda starting to get to me already. Especially after I used to leave the yard on a friday at just after 3pm. 

Sat, again early start. At the gym for a workout. Bought some birdie food, went home, cleaned all cages and the house. Then settled in for some more editing by myself and EJ. I am really happy that it’s coming along as it is. EJ’s a wonderful teacher and she’s picking up on how much I am really trying. I like this, because it teaches me that I am doing well. That I can do prose writing, although it’s harder. I am enjoying the editing process. Getting into my characters heads more, and feeling and reacting as they do. TSK – is going to be worth it. 🙂 

Sunday – today we’re off to see some friends in Manchester. We’re still up early, but thats a good thing. I’ve got reading and time to make more notes for a chat with a possible collaboration partner.  I’m excited for this year. I feel much better in myself now. And things are going well even with the hiccups of life. 


Love to you all, and please feel free to comment, talk to me. I’m always around somewhere. 🙂 x 



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