Decidedly had enough…

I spent an hour in the bank yesterday. Trying to sort out the mess they’ve made. 

Their excuse we ‘the appointment was for the 23rd March’ 


No way. We wouldn’t have agreed to that… an 8 week wait… 


So after kicking off at my bank manager. She got me an emergency call back for today. I had a few issues in work because I’m so stressed out. I forgot to include something and my cash was out. Took 20 mins to find it with my manager. And then I was late home. They did ring me back however. A nice guy called Raj…. 





After starting the whole process again. FIVE minutes into the conversation. And he asked. ‘Have any of you been made bankrupt or in an IVA’ so I answered as I did 2 weeks ago. 


Yes we’ve been in an IVA. It has been closed for nearly 3 years now. 


He turned about and said they wouldn’t offer us a mortgage anyway. Just on that answer. 




Why the hell didn’t the stupid woman we talked too two weeks ago, like, well mention this. She asked me. I said it had been closed and we’d got all the paper work. I was sat in the bank looking at it!!! 


He couldn’t understand why either so I basically told him how I felt. So let down by the whole company. 


One says one thing….. 


Another says another thing… 


NO ONE makes any sense. 


I give up with them… We have someone coming to the house on Thursday. Who set up the original mortgage and we’ll more than likely let him sort it all out. 


So fed up right now. 







After the trouble yesterday. I ended up treating the main pond. Took a dose and a half although not sure it was totally active for the full 4 hours as it was going dark. 


Pond has had a good water change today and will do again tomorrow and then will rescrape. 


All fish are swimming about. Temp is over 11d today. So heater is doing better. Even with the water changes. 


Fingers crossed. 🙂 


Love to ya all… 



Short and sweet

I’ve had such a busy couple of days…. 


We had the house surveyor out yesterday and then I had my skype meeting with E.J eeek, so tired. 

But, the house was valued at a sucky price. At least my session with E.J went well. 


Today we met with a mortgage advisor, eeek. Even more scary. We can have four people on the mortgage, but the house deeds then have to go in our name too. So all four of us will be on it, (cost a couple of hundred quid) but for our future it has to be better. 


We think we can get a mortgage over 10 year, was hoping for 15. But, nope. Due to mum and Frank’s age, it won’t be possible. It bumps the payments another few hundred quid, but it is risk it now, while we’re all working, or we sell now. And go our separate ways, which will still work our more expensive in the long run. 


So much rides on the next few weeks, and our whole financial workings out. So crap, but so brilliant too. 


I’m stressed to the hilt in a good way. I wish something else could pay out… but we can only dream about that… soon I am sure. Very, soon…. 


Take care, and hope I can chat more soon. 


Dawn x x