A sad day ~ hugs

Today we’re heading over to Whales for a Family Funeral. It has been a long hard month with loads of other complications, and life niggles, as it usually happens, always in 3’s or 6’s for us. But it’s especially hard over the holidays and in naturally the hardest month of the year. Today might be difficult for everyone, but it will be good to remember things and of course put other things to rest.

Families can be one of the hardest things to have around you, or not around you. It doesn’t mean you aren’t family though or that they don’t cross your mind.

So, on that note, hug everyone close to you, tell them you love them and remember all the good things about everyone who was and is close.

x x x

Bathroom undone :(

So yeah this one is what’s kept me from a nice weeks relaxing holiday with the other half.

During the driveway dig, and this year, our builder said there was a smell in the bathroom, which there was, which seemed to get worse after having a bath/shower.

So this weeks job was just to take out the bath and find out what was going on under there.

What we discovered was more than a nightmare. The sink waste pipe hadn’t been connected to the toilet, and basically there’s been human waste dripping out the hole. The underneath of the house, had 3 inch of soil water and yeah, well you get the picture.

All the joists were rotten through, and because there was so much under there, it all had to come out, the whole floor, the tiles, everything, that meant the tiles on the walls that cracked came off, and of course because it’s an old house, the plaster came off too.

So we gutted it. Top to bottom and we’re starting again.

Poor hubby hasn’t had a day off, I’ve been running about like a loon for them, and for my own stuff.

Back to work tomorrow, and I’m happy because I’ve had complaints as usual. But, it will make this next week even harder.




Driveway done!

I was trying to keep everything posted in some kind of nice order, but with the way things went and have been this last week, nope.

I’ve been snowed under, depressed, and just focussed on one job on my list at a time.

Our drive looks amazing now, it took the guys 4 weeks in total, but the job is just brill, and so so much better for us for winter.

Feeling a little lost :(

There is a lot going on at my home at the moment, we’ve had two weeks of building work and so many other little things that have been bounced about over the last month. I can’t really catch you all up on things to be fair.

But today, I saw something that made me feel really sad. When someone touches your life in a very amazing, supportive way, and then all of a sudden they’re gone. Taken from this life we live, far far too soon.

What we live with, with mental disorders and eating problems of all aspects, nothing can hurt more than seeing someone so bright.. vanish.

I’ve witnessed this morning a lot of friends over this so so upset, and today. I am not sure how I feel, sad of course. To tears, yes. How do you grieve for a friend you never really met, but meant so much to you on such a personal level that not many can understand.

So this I guess is a heartfelt and sorrowful post. Hug those you love, share with those you can’t hug, the love and friendship you have with them. Support each other, talk and laugh. Life is so tough sometimes, and not everyone of us knows when that might end.

x x

A month to catch up on…

It’s been a horrid month and a bit, and I’ve stayed away from posting because it’s not been good at all. My husband lost his job, and financially we took a severe hit. A really bad hit. Over a month with no wage…. and yeah I freaked out. I smiled and pretended things were all okay, when inside, everything horrid was going on. Suffering with depression and a severe lack of self worth once, makes those evil voices in your head, say even worse things to you, and all the coping behaviours that I used to use, wanted to come back. In the end, I had to just use what I could to survive, which now, I need a good kick up the backside from and to pull my head out my ass.

Everything that could go wrong just did, and it all came at once, my car’s exhaust fell off, and we were also due to go on holiday… and yeah it really sucked beyond just sucking… I was low, and very unsure of what was going to happen for us… (and being low the diet went out the window, I drank far too much, also I injured myself falling over the day he got sacked. haha)

But we dug in, tightened our belts and with the support of my friends and family we got through it. We’re back on the up, hubby started a new job and fingers crossed in a month or so we’ll be back to fighting fit 🙂

Our holiday away, was amazing, and I love Devon for being the best place ever.

But, then you come home, and you have to go back to work. Sigh…

The first week back in work is always the hardest and yeah it was. But I won’t go into all that. haha.

Moving onwards we’ve still loads of exciting things for TSK and us.

I will keep you posted. 🙂