Surgery and stuff

It was a rough night, mostly cause I had stomach ache. Refeeding is hard. And it’s one of those things you push to the back of your mind and forget. But hurting is hurting. And so I got up early 3am and did what I usually do, I hung out, chatted to people and wrote.

It helps sometimes when you love a story so that even if on distracted days the story flows, just a bit slower.

Mum had her surgery and am glad she sounded much better. Fingers crossed for fast healing.

I have 3 chapter to write tomorrow on this book. About 9k then I can set this books aside while I edit book 2, and send in another series for edits.

With the house issues and the insurance people coming on Tuesday I have a busy ish week ahead. I am thinking of my new series… But not sure I will start book 2 yet. I will continue to self edit book 1 and then see how the week ends.

For those wondering what… Here’s the photos of the house saga

Dry rot discovered 21st July. Flooding and a well discovered in August.

Yes still not sorted and waiting on the insurance now for subsidence and broken drains.

It’s been a heck of a year.


Back to normal :)

It’s been a very strange week. Exciting in more ways than one, hard work in others, (like all the snow) lol…. but all is good. 


The reason I made my blog private has worked. I actually got an apology and I understand now… ED’s are a strange way of life, hard, unbearable at times. And so I am going to move forward and hopefully put that little hicup behind me. As weird as it was. 


Good start to the day, all the snow has gone. Although it has been replaced with flooding instead. 


Editing is going well, and I am looking forward to my next session with E.J on wed 🙂 


Catch you all later. 


Dawn x