Final delivery!

After Fridays mishap, it was good that my driver Keith from yesterday k ew where he was coming and had both parcels!

So that completes my little food trial for a while.

One vegan, yesterday, 1 veggie, and 1 meat.

Hopefully now I have some good healthy products that both Paul and I can eat, and I don’t have cook them which is part of the issue. The longer I have to smell it the worse it is.

I ate a bit more than yesterday, but it’s still tiny yet. So I know I’m not ready for these meal, good that they are frozen!

Had a rather broken writing day with these coming and other bits to do. But I am all ready for tomorrow with my characters and stats, should be a good day.

Back to normal :)

It’s been a very strange week. Exciting in more ways than one, hard work in others, (like all the snow) lol…. but all is good. 


The reason I made my blog private has worked. I actually got an apology and I understand now… ED’s are a strange way of life, hard, unbearable at times. And so I am going to move forward and hopefully put that little hicup behind me. As weird as it was. 


Good start to the day, all the snow has gone. Although it has been replaced with flooding instead. 


Editing is going well, and I am looking forward to my next session with E.J on wed 🙂 


Catch you all later. 


Dawn x