Monday :)

So the weekend was mostly spent in bed. Recuperating. Although I am still feeling a little full of cold. I do feel much better.


Wish I could take some time off work to really re-charge. But seems that they’re so snowed under they can’t. And they’ve still not advertised for the new position promised. That would help out their work/holiday load for sure. You can’t have 14 people working for you and only one person available to cover. The sums just don’t add up. When we all get 3 weeks holiday. And no one really wants to take them in the dead of winter now do they so out of the 52 weeks. Most really want there hols in the summer…


Oh well.


In other news. Treated the Koi again yesterday. Was a bit hairy towards the end. They started to sulk around the surface so I neutralized it this time and changed some water.


Couple of lunkers. The chemical reaction from the HP is quite strong. And they don’t like this as much as being treated with the PP.


Poor fish.


Will have to leave them for a week or so and see how they’re doing.


Writing wise. Finally got back into it yesterday. It is good to take some time off but hard to get back into the zone.


I am raring to get going some more though. Easter hols soon. This year it comes early at the end of the month. So looking forward to it. I’m physically and mentally exhausted. 😦 and I know that is why I get sick easily. Plus the ED never helped lower immune system.


Fingers crossed that this month starts to pick up. Mortgage adviser should get back to us with some info. And I’m hopeful for our future.


Fingers crossed for me everyone.

Weekend :(


Yeah, this weekend sucked just as much as the whole of last week did and the ones before it… all of them.

In fact all of 2013 altogether sucks.

I got up at 7am yesterday worked through all the paperwork ready for this ‘4 hour phone call’ from the bank.

I sat and waited.

And waited.

It never came.

I ended up ringing the bank up to try and track who was supposed to ring me. Seeing as our branch was closed I spoke to a gentleman on the phone and he couldn’t work out anything either. So I ran down to our bank and it was indeed closed.

All the time, I’m getting more and more frustrated with them.

Get’s back home and I rang the southport branch. I spoke to a lovely lady who tried her utmost to help me out. She got in touch with the mortgage advise team who couldn’t find this ‘supposed appointment’ and then when we started to go through the paperwork they wanted to deal with my mum and only my mum.

The whole idea behind going into the bank to start the ball rolling was so that the person who rang me would speak to me. As my mum had just finished 4 12 hour shifts and couldn’t foucs to talk to anyone.

So, I’m even more frustrated then, because the guy on the phone then can’t deal with the application as all the other opperatives and appointments were taken for the day. We would have to make another appointment where mum could deal with it all. And it wouldn’t be for another two weeks.

Now I’m getting beyond frustrated I am very angry now. And I tell him this isn’t on. We’ll have waited a whole month to start this. No way. So I basically said we’d talk about it and decide later. I said good bye.

The lovely lady from Southport rang me back in the afternoon to ask how it had gone. 🙂 I told her how dissapointed I was with the whole company and she promised she would try and get me an appointment to speak with their branch mortgage advisor this week. We’ll see she is going to ring me back tomorrow.


In other news, the baby koi are coming around really well. But the big fish didn’t look so hot so in feeding them today. My best fish wouldn’t eat. Defo not like her.

Microscope out. Couldn’t get a scrape from the top of the fish, in turning it over noticed some raised scales and took a scrape from there.



Trying my best now to get the pond temp up so that I can treat them with meds. Not going to happen till Tues I don’t think.  Then might have to hit them again over the weekend. We’ll see how they deal with the pp this time around I know the sorogori didn’t like it so might have to isolate her and treat the others.

Will also have to keep an eye on the sanke and his raised scales. PP and then couple of salt baths will help there I think. There was no major redness but they were defo sticking out a bit. It will only get worse if left alone. And don’t want that.

I have been beaten down so much this last few weeks. I’m going to crack.

I have heartburn and acid indigestion all the time. I’m stressed to the hilt and it’s taking it’s toll on everything.

I told Paul last week that I was going to see the doctor about it. I am going to have to see the doctor about this overwhelming spit of depression that has lasted for 6 mths or more and isn’t lifting either.  I am going to request going back on anti-depressants for the time being.

I already asked in work could I possibly take a little time off to deal with the mortgage issue and appointments. Mum is off work Thurs and Fri so I am going to aim to get as much in then as possible. Including the docs.

This is a really testing time for me. I’ve not allowed myself too much time to process everything. And I’m on the brink of it really turning nasty.

I don’t want it too…

So, I’m making the steps so tackle it. Before it goes all pear shaped.

I won’t be beaten and I’ll bounce back. But I think I need a little help at the moment. I’m not afraid to ask, so I will.

Trying to edit at the moment is also like hitting my head against a brick wall. I know I am feeling bad when I lose the will to write or edit something that I love.

I was hoping this year was going to be a good one. It certainly hasn’t started off so great. sigh….

Catch you soon.

Dawn x x

Started well :)

Hey there everyone, this morning started well.

Got some more editing done. 🙂 yey!

Then went to help my brother with the new dance school. Painting and cleaning. They’re having a party for my niece this afternoon, but I didn’t go to that, wanted to get some rest before going out this evening to a friends party in Skem.

Got home and found the bottom drain on the pond blocked had to sort that out… it was freezing, not a good time to mess about in water, but I sorted it.

Had a small sleep, and now we’re ready to go out. Whoop whoop!!

Going to enjoy myself tonight, catch you in the morning…

Dawn x x

Tough first week…

Hi everyone.

It has been a tough week and this has reflected on everything I’ve been doing.

Work is slow, which makes the day drag, I love my customers, love seeing them to chat even for a brief moment while they buy their lunch, but it’s a drag for them, and it’s the same for me. They’re all suffering with January blues and it makes me feel even worse too. 😦

Anyway, last night I went to a gent’s house to do a pond visit. He put a message up on the forum I help mod and seeing as he bought pond equipment off me last year, and lived local, I offered to take a look at his fish.

Paul took me up there, Liverpool isn’t too far away, but I don’t like new places in the dark. lol, we had dinner in a local pub which was really nice and then went to visit the pond.

Catching fish in the dark, wasn’t so easy for him, but we caught two.

When you first look into a strange pond. There are several tell tail signs which your looking for.

How the fish are reacting to you being there?

How are they swimming?

and when caught how docile are they?

what the mucus scrape looks like when you first take it?

to be fair his fish were quite responsive, they were for the most part swimming about okay, one or two were a little lopsided though so that was the first indicator.

The second to me was the mucus sample we took. It was grey and thick.

A healthy fish has an almost clear sample. This wasn’t.

So, really I knew I was looking for something under the scope, I just wasn’t so sure what I’d find.

The first sample was from a sanke, it had pinked shiro (white skin) and stress veins showing. Under the scope, it also had flukes…

First one done. Looking over the slide, probably around 20 flukes.

Second scrape came from a Magoi, much bigger than the first, and although it should have been a rich black, was greying with over producing mucus.

Again this had flukes on, (skin flukes I believe)

But I also found a few Chilodonella as well.

I carried on looking for about 30 mins, checking both slide again to make sure I wasn’t missing anything smaller, like Costia, but even though I thought I saw the odd, tiny movement, I couldn’t spot anything else.

Job done. And I left, at least knowing he could treat the pond correctly and his fish would soon be much happier. 🙂


On the writing side of things this week.

I’ve read a lot, and I’ve edited a lot of the first three chapters of TSK – The beginning. I’ve also had some very good crits back from the nano website and from the OWWSFF which is a crit site specifically for sci fi, fanstasy and horror writers.

I finally think the first three chapters are getting there. Only another 26 to go… lol.

Looking forward to the weekend.

How are you all doing? Busy, slow, what’s your first full week back at work etc like?

Take care and speak soon.