Hard but exciting week.

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This week has been just as tough as others. I don’t know sometimes how I fit everything in, but I really do try my best, it just ain’t easy!

Progress on the script editing has been okay, despite a full on cold and meetings Tuesday through Friday. So, I’m pleased with that side, of course the day job gets in the way of everything, and time zone issues. Everyone in the US is wide awake as I’m going to bed. Nightmare.

But, the exciting part for me is seeing our vision of how TSK’s world can come to life in the physical and audio side of things. Meeting with creative people like mums lifelong friend, Pat Howard of WudStock, a wood design expert to a talented audio artist who I met this week, Steven Jay Cohan of Listen 2 a Book. It’s been worthwhile.

I’m quite the believer of the right people will come along when timing is right for things to move forward. So keep everything crossed for us, with the hard work I’ve put in this week, there will be some very exciting prospects for TSK coming. Keep checking out our websites and facebook page for up to date info. 🙂

As for the House and DIY, well hubby put a screw through our new electrics… and has now destroyed our loft hatch. hehehe. I don’t know. Life is full of so many little ups and downs.

It’s exciting, daunting and yet amazing all at the same time. lol

Have a very happy saturday, I’m off out tonight with my dad for a few, and I’ve a team meeting later, midnight my time. I love my second job!






TSK- moving forwards.

Hey there everyone.

As I said yesterday, with the new year and all that ‘building work’ finally out of the way. (6 whole weeks where I had to step away from the writing side of things)  we’re back at it.

Organisation took over this weekend, and I’m happy to say that we’re got a good plan for the year. A very action packed and full year of course, but an exciting one.

The art work for the short stories is coming in nice now, and we’re about to really launch and start marketing our members only section with them in mind. It’s fab to be able to see how these have come along in the last 6 mths.  Formatting the stories and the artwork together, they look, simply amazing.

At the beginning of December, as the company we advertised and took on 3 other writers. 3 very good writers, who took on the projects given to them with great enthusiasm. I’m very excited that we’ve had some submissions for the short stories from them already, and we’ll be extremely happy to be adding their names permanently to the TSK Team. 🙂

However with the added writers and their amazing ‘minds’ the shorts, have gone from a possible 16- to an infinite amount! lol  Some of TSK’s other characters are now being developed on a deeper level. With each authors interpretation of their lives and events. This is fab and is in my mind collaboration at it’s best.

Here’s one of the pics from our first short, just as a reminder…. we’ve circulated a few of them on facebook and twitter, and when I went to meet Andrew and I saw them in the flesh they blew me away. (Art Gallery opening soon) lol


The particular scene is from Lethao 🙂

Watch this space. The first short story will be out soon! and we’ve a fab schedule for the others and I’m back to working on book 2’s beta edits. This will be one heck of a year. Stick with us this will be fun.


Marking an era ; Semi Colon Tattoo and script from TSK’s Lacria ‘New Beginnings’

I’ve had some new tattoo’s on my mind for a while. I’ve asked some local shops back home for details, but not persued them because of having no time for anything. Well here in Cullompton, Devon I’ve had lots of time. We’re on holiday at Forest Glade Holiday park again. And here for a week.

I didn’t even know there was a tattoo shop here, till we walked past in on Monday 🙂 what a nice surprise it was. So I found them on facebook and sent a message to see about calling in. Which I did yesterday and their facebook link is –


I’d seen several pictures of the kind of thing I wanted to symbolise my past and where I’ve come from. The Semi-Colon Tattoo trend started in around 2013 and I learned of it around then. However, my suicide attempt was way back in 2001. A time where I was a very different person. No confidence, no strength. But I did find some strength. Admitting myself into the hospital was the best thing I ever did. And although no one at that time could really address the things going on inside my mind. It began a 6 year journey to become the person I am today.

Without attempting suicide that day, without the self harm when I was sexually abused at work in 2004 and without sticking my neck out and demanding I see someone properly for my continual eating disorder. I am sure I would not be here today. The depression and the battle against myself would have ended and not in a good way.

I am very happy with both my Tattoo’s today – I survived, and I’m free as the birds depicted here. 🙂

2015-09-02 14.49.16

And for the other arm –



Designed by the very talented Trent Pehrson for TSK’s language -Lacria- and scripted by our Art Director – Bam Laurel 🙂 and translates as ‘new beginnings’

Team TSK is awesome. I adore everyone who has been here for me over the years…

Today marks that ‘new beginning’ today we reach for the stars!

So excited! New banner for TSK :)

TSK Cover Photo

I admit I’ve very lucky to be working with the people that I do, so when this came through today, without any prompting I was stoked and had to come share it.

The team have been working so hard, we’ve had our first proof copy through and have now tweaked the cover to reflect all the changes and things that we hadn’t expected. 🙂 We have submitted it once more for their review and I should have the next copy this week hoping to take it on my hols and get through it as a last min check. Before we go for launch.

I am SO excited!



Weekend plans. :)

Up early as usual. I’m excited to be looking over and selecting a short list for our conlang job. If there is anyone watching my blog and wants to still get in there, better email soon! There really are some amazing and gifted people out there.

It is still dark out at the moment, cold, and I’m sat in the dark because of Bobby still being asleep, in my pj’s and on my heat pad. If I put the heating on, I get told off for cooking my husband in bed. So funny.

I’ve seriously got to stop procrastinating as well. I’ve still 10 chapters to edit on TSK book 2, which is in for beta read soon! cracks knuckles and prepares to

go back to bed. lol…. just kidding.

Here’s to a productive day for us all. 🙂