Hard but exciting week.

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This week has been just as tough as others. I don’t know sometimes how I fit everything in, but I really do try my best, it just ain’t easy!

Progress on the script editing has been okay, despite a full on cold and meetings Tuesday through Friday. So, I’m pleased with that side, of course the day job gets in the way of everything, and time zone issues. Everyone in the US is wide awake as I’m going to bed. Nightmare.

But, the exciting part for me is seeing our vision of how TSK’s world can come to life in the physical and audio side of things. Meeting with creative people like mums lifelong friend, Pat Howard of WudStock, a wood design expert to a talented audio artist who I met this week, Steven Jay Cohan of Listen 2 a Book. It’s been worthwhile.

I’m quite the believer of the right people will come along when timing is right for things to move forward. So keep everything crossed for us, with the hard work I’ve put in this week, there will be some very exciting prospects for TSK coming. Keep checking out our websites and facebook page for up to date info. 🙂

As for the House and DIY, well hubby put a screw through our new electrics… and has now destroyed our loft hatch. hehehe. I don’t know. Life is full of so many little ups and downs.

It’s exciting, daunting and yet amazing all at the same time. lol

Have a very happy saturday, I’m off out tonight with my dad for a few, and I’ve a team meeting later, midnight my time. I love my second job!






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