Covid – Parosmia – and Anorexia

Trigger Warning – this will contain weight numbers.

I kind of really haven’t blogged in so so long.

But I feel there are a few things that are coming up that I think some people might want to hear about, and as I’ve never hidden who I am, where I came from, and here I am again.

2019 was a great year, I gave up my day job to become a full-time writer, and it was awesome. The beginning of 2020 started off just as it should. And on that side of things. I’m so very happy still.

Then Covid hit. I risked a short trip to London just as the UK was to go into official Lockdown to meet my publisher and my friends, and we had a wonderful time, even with the hammer over our heads.

The UK went into lockdown over that following weekend.

Listening to and watching my friends leave the UK to get to their various homes around the world was pretty scary. I admit some were touch and go, had to go through hoops to get home.

I was home, and we went into lockdown that week. 16th March.

My husband, as some know is a public service provider, he drives a bus for a local company. We did as we should; we hunkered down and got on with life.

It was April the 5th he felt unwell and called in sick for work.

We could not get Covid tests anywhere.

I started to feel ill a couple of days later, and by wed I had a cough, by Friday the 10th April I had no smell/taste and a high fever. The cough was the worst; the pain was the worst, everything ached.

I posted to my Facebook page as much as I could to let people know, to track my sick.

Some of Paul’s work colleagues were also sick at that time, and eventually when we started to get a bit better, we finally got tested, 29th April. Both Negative.

My smell kinda came back a bit through the summer, then we hit some very stressful times, and I had no idea it could happen. But it turned to parosmia around 16 weeks ago.

This became a terrible fight over food and eating. For a few weeks all I could manage were carbs, and it was breaking me. Weight wise and emotional wise. My coffee smelled disgusting, tasted worse than anything in my life, and I was sick often.

I had no idea it was parosmia and asked for some blood tests.

All that showed was low Irion and Vit D. I was at the time weighed by my nurse but I asked not to be told what it was I was utterly depressed about it.

On October the first to save my own sanity I returned to something I knew was safe that I have blogged about here in 2015. Litpotrim.

At first the shakes were the worst, the headaches still as bad as they were back then, but it settled and I could actually get on with my days.

I learned from a friend that there was this after effect of covid, parosmia, and I found the facebook group Absent run –

Finding people suffering like me was a godsend. But this isn’t over.

I tried to ask my doctor for antibody tests, not something they do, I warned them I was heading downwards with this, and it wasn’t going to be so good. But I felt very let down.

My 12 week check with my nurse revealed the how much weight I’d lost 11kg. That was

I’m now just weeks into lipotrim and the weight as it would fell off. But I’m getting to the point where I’ve also not much to left to lose.

I took part in absent’s disorder eating meeting over –

It was enlightening. But tough.

I have a long way to go, scared to eat, scared to even be around food. My husband comes in and cooks and I want to be sick 😦

I’ve made an appointment with my doctor (phone) again to try to see what support I can get, what I can do.

I’m going to try to reintroduce food, I’ve got to.

This is me, raw and honest.

Covid sucks, the after effects sucks.

I’ll post and blog some more as I can.


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