New jobs, New Regime.

So today I am starting a new thing up.
I have so many AudioBooks I haven’t gotten around to reviewing, and in fact actually listening to at all. 
And I am trying to walk, an hour each day. My working day job, is at 1 day per week… for a while, and I can take that. So, need to keep fit and do something fun too.  This is it. 
Sitting at a computer is not good for ones health all day long… even as much as I do love writing… and audio proofing. It just isn’t easy on the back, or the weight. 
My goal will be to review once more and to actually get through some of this backlog. haha I know I’ve been saying it for months. But, watch this space. 
But here’s the thing. I will also be reviewing openings… daily. 
The opening of an audiobook just like everything else is very important.
Now, you’ve got an hour.
Impress me.

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