AudioBook Review – The Exodus Trilogy


Great to be listening to this and although I didn’t get to finish it off during the week. A very late night last night, gone 3.30am…. and a lie in (I never do that) left me still wanting to sleep at 9am…. so I got to finish this off while in bed, tucked up and awake enough to enjoy the last hour! bonus.



  • The Complete Exodus Trilogy: Books 1-3 | [Andreas Christensen]

    “A great Sci Fi”


    Three books in one, bargain! So here are my thoughts, never really in any order, especially as this was 14 hours plus, but here goes.

    Spoilers.. of course…..

    Book 1


    Always takes me a little time to get used to the way a writer switches between POV characters, and to work out who and what they’re fighting for in my head. With this trilogy, I won’t lie there’s a big cast and a lot happening. What struck me the most through this book was that even though it did take me a while, it was still so very easy to follow with Jeffery’s easy sounding voice and character distinctions. That I was very grateful for.

    I’m defo not a political person, though I do have my beliefs, and this book was an amazing look into what could be a possible future for us as the human race. I found the writing though at times a little repetitive. (there’s always something that sticks in your head that a writer uses as a crutch. Even I have my own… of that I’m sure. But the politics and the action were spaced out enough to hold interest and keep me enthralled with the many characters that started to shape up.

    This book was exactly what we’d expect, and so much more. There are people who we know are going to make it to the next one, and then there are others who sacrifice themselves for the greater good. I of course wonder what happened to the ones left behind. After all we got to know some of them to… did they really all just die? A horrible thought for those left in the training prison afterwards who faced such hope only to have then failed.

    There is so much that does happen through this book, could it have been longer. For sure, but then maybe the story could have taken a different role. So, even though I would have liked more of the threads to have been slower. As an AudioBook it was very entertaining and as such as easy listen, even with all the politics.

    But Exodus, left the planets solar system, with 35 more people than it should have! amazing. I was almost sure that the kids were going to be sent back to Earth. Thankfully Tina and Greg came up with a viable plan. 🙂

    Book 2 –


    Through the many trials and tribulations to actually get to this new home world. The fact they’re there is brilliant. Over 1600 people and a new world to explore and get to know. The facts that there is such diverse life already on the planet is a little concerning, and not being able to breathe the air. (which I did know was going to happen at some point, accidents happen after all)

    The biggest issue that the survivors face if of course themselves. And this Thomas Dunn…. set out already to destroy or renew… I don’t think I liked his motives at first, thinking of course that he was out to kill off the last of the human race. (I did get to like him though) Such political angles still even though so many years ahead and such a diverse world to explore. I was sorry to see that the colony split, but glad at least that Tina and Greg where the ones who had their heads screwed on.

    Maria and her parents also divided, not sure how a family would have ever been able to stay with the survivor program, and I certainly don’t think that other colonists would either, but I think that Ramone and Isabella’s history with the company just about won me over there.

    I think that’s where the first book does let us down slightly, because we never really understand the selection process, only that it’s so hard and horrific for those who don’t make it. We never got to know who would be on the ship until it actually was in space and the characters were woken. A mystery but it just about carries itself off.

    The split between them however is really had to take in, knowing that they are so few already….

    Book 3


    With so much already at stake. And the new discovery by Maria over the Akaab (sp) I was heartbroken over so much in this book.

    There were some really horrid moments (not sure if the poison gas at the Trickler was in this or at the end of the second book) but it defied my mind that humans could even bring that sort of rubbish on a ship supposed to be their last hope of survival!

    The introduction to Shavanya and her ‘seed ship’ and other things were truly interesting. A thread at least we got to learn of as the book finished, but there were still so many things I wanted to explore with these characters, and the new sentient species…. maybe there is more, I need to go see but this review is based on not looking around the net… haha.

    I was totally sure that Maria was going to be the first pregnant lady on Aurora! and I was right, Thomas really started to grow on me with his heroics at disarming the first two nukes and in betraying George to the rebels. 🙂 so that was a great union although wish they’d had more time together. Such dangerous place they live.

    Ben, Lisa and Drew. wow. three kids who take off their masks and Ben is the worst off for it. Although he does redeem himself in some ways after all he’s the biggest asset that Tina has while they’re fighting George… but I felt so so sorry for him, listening to Jeffery narrate him losing his mind was harsh…. and then to think he killed his two best friends, so sad.

    I was glad he saved Tina from Henry though, even if he did lose his life there… and yes, I had tears in my eyes. A very emotional moment between the two.

    The new federation of humans is a life changer to, although they don’t want to be involved with the two warring factions, when the Chinese descendants attack they do offer to step in. I am very glad that even though it looks to be the easy option… that Kenneth doesn’t accept it. I wonder what conditions the humans on Aurora would have had if the Enderans had come to their aid…

    So, yes wrapping up.

    I really did enjoy the three books. Could they have been 14 hours long each. Of course. So many amazing characters, and just not quite enough time to get to know and hear all their worldly hopes and desires, but still it was a great listen.

    I do hope there is more though… finding out that the humans on Earth were in fact an escaped ship already called LifeBringer…. from a whole different world. And that this is why the Akaab know them and trusted them… ooo just so much more to this, and I hope it is explored by the Author, and of course the fabulous Jeffery Kafer…. there are a few guys who I could just listen to for hours and hours, and he’s one of them. 🙂

    So, now going to search and see if there is some more about… and if not you guys better get cracking on some. I love a good series.

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