AudioBook Review – Victory

It’s been nice to be back in work! honest… but to pick back up and carry on with my reviews, and the series I’ve been following.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one and it didn’t disappoint at all! Victory, written by Nick Webb and narrated by Greg Tremblay!

You can find it here. –


There are so many great things about this book. I am sure I’m going to forget something. But, I wanted first to say what a nightmare it was waiting for it to finally hit the UK… I could see it on my US account… but nope wouldn’t show or download for weeks, I wonder why?

Kinda glad I was on holiday as well, or I’d have been going more crazy waiting on this one.

Anyway, so worth the wait, and I’m really floored by the outcome.

SPOILERS ———– Don’t read till later.

Here are some of my fav and most emotional moments. (not in any given order)

The dreadnoughts’s first destruction, fantastic moment. But then…

Granger’s negotiation with the Sclura (sp) and learning about the billions of deaths he caused. Because they carry so many ’embryos’ inside.

Malakof’s death, and then of course Isaacson’s haha, brilliant.

The fact that the Swarm isn’t the Swarm they thought it was.

The CAG committing suicide.

Ballsy’s promotion and subsequent obsession still with Fishtail. I’m still not totally understanding the why’s here, and that’s freaked me out more than anything, why he was so obsessed, etc. But, it was still emotional, and I really wanted some romantic element here, or maybe that’s for their future. Who knows.

I did find there was a good bit of science from Shelby in here, which was very well presented, even all the science. I’m not a hard sci fi gal, but I thought there was a lot of thought gone into this, be it true or not I don’t think I’ll know but it didn’t detract form the story at all and brought all the puzzling pieces about the swarm together. So that really helps us understand.

Granger meeting himself, as the sick old man that went through the singularity was cool. Even Fishtail and Ballsy’s story arch there, where ballsy shoots his own down in order that the ‘enemy don’t get him’ believing that the Granger in that zone is evil controlled by the swarm. Such a brilliant turn with the writing. We know it’s happened, we saw it form all angles earlier, but finally understanding it as the characters do. Brilliant writing.

With the injured Matriarch and the Sclura helping Granger, despite their pain. As she died I’d tears… so so sad, all those babies inside her 😦 I wished there was a way to get them out before they were lost. I hoped they might save a few, but it was too late. Bummer.

And of course, Granger’s sacrifice. To send himself back to start the process again, or has it all changed. The timeline so weird and the fact no one understands it… don’t think I ever will.
But again, so very well written. Even the good bye scene for Tim and Shelby… uggh you were killing me here guys.

I did wonder what the trial was for and the aftermath, but the crew wanting Shelby as their Captain was a great ending to it, open of course. And there was the part with the president and malakof… so open ended. I know there is more coming. πŸ™‚

As for the performance. OUTSTANDING of course. I’m a big fan of Greg’s… (biased, maybe) but if it wasn’t for the Nick Webb and Greg Tremblay Team… I wouldn’t be as much of a fan.

Keep on working together, and I’ll keep on buying, between this and promises of more spin offs. I’m hooked. πŸ™‚

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