AudioBook Review – Half Share


Excellent to be back with this very different Space Opera : ) written by Nathan Lowell and narrated by Jeffery Kafer.

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“Great book 2! ”

It was nice to be back with Ismail and the crew of the Lowis and I really did enjoy everything that happened here.

Jeffrey Kafer, does an outstanding job with the character voices and emotion he puts in. He’s a joy to listen to, (so much so I have the complete Exodus trilogy on at the moment now too haha)

I must admit though, I wanted this book/listen to be a bit longer, or in this one something to go wrong, even if it were an environmental problem, but it didn’t and I honestly think that was the only thing letting it down here. Just not quite enough conflict. Of course, that being said, this series really isn’t like anything I’ve ever read/listened to before. It’s not the gun toting action packed Sci Fi SO where aliens invade and everything goes wrong, so it was kind of nice for there to be all internal character developments here.

Contains Spoilers ——

One of the many great things about listening to Ismail is the facts that we’re watching and learning more about him with every episode, shocked to hear he wasn’t a virgin, as I thought he would have been for sure, but I was okay with it.

This book focussed on his new job, the people around him which we really get to know a lot better here and in his own developments. There’s a new crew member on board, and Ismail’s caring nature brings the very hurt Sarah into her own. I’m glad of this, but again I think there was just a little bit to much of a ‘good thing’ here, most people who are battered, used and abused carry a fair few more demons than the author lets rip here, and either she’s going to blow up in the next book or she really should have had an episode to counteract all the good that goes on.

The trip to the tailor was very interesting, they went in as friends but came out as more. I can see that. 3 young eligible women cooing over an 18 years old in his underwear… lol must have been a sight to see either way, but there’s lots of growth here, and it fits for their relationship.

I do wonder though if Ish, is actually really sorry that he and Big B can’t get together, or one of the others, or is he just not sure at all what he wants… there’s still so much room for him to grow and do things, I wonder.

The fact he’s questioning his own life here, is also very good and I’m glad he’s also the people around him who care about him to make him question himself. I think he is destined for more, and having not read the books, I’m only guessing. But the mention of the academy and becoming an officer… ooooo squee. I can totally see Ismail Wong a Captain of a great ship! go Ishmail!

Anyway, just those two little cravats. But can’t wait for more 🙂